Skin and Soft Tissue Guideline

Optimal treatment is defined as ≤5 days of cephalexin for non-purulent SSTIs and ≤7 days of clindamycin or trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole for purulent SSTIs. For purulent SSTI, optimal antibiotic choice plus duration increased from a baseline median of 28.4% to 62.4% (optimal choice was quite good even at the baseline of 89.3% to 92%; optimal duration increased from 31.9% to 67.7%). For non-purulent SSTI, optimal antibiotic choice plus duration increased from a median of 1.8% to 43% (optimal antibiotic choice increased from 27.6% to 68.8%; optimal duration increased from 4% to 43%). During the time period of this change, return visits requiring escalation in care remained stable (less the 2%) suggesting that there were not any known harmful effects the population we treat during this time period. 

We still have progress to make as a group in treating SSTI. Please see included references for your review if you are interested. 

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